Midwest Capital Funding, LLC specializes in buying notes backed by real estate and assisting home buyers by structuring owner financing for the properties we own. We focus on non-performing and re-performing real estate notes but will also purchase performing and semi-performing notes.

Own A Real Estate Note You Are Considering Selling?

If you are considering selling your performing note for a lump sum of cash give us a call. With the uncertain economy you may decide having cash now is better than a promise of payments in a turbulent future. We offer competitive pricing and can close the transaction quickly. If you are interested Click Here for a list of documents and information we will need to to make you an offer.

We Also Purchase Non-performing and Re-performing 1st Position Notes

If you have a note backed by real estate that is in the first lien position where the borrower has quit paying for any reason or is paying erratically we can help. We will purchase individual notes or small groups of notes and can close quickly.

We Purchase Some Non-performing 2nd Position Notes

Primarily we purchase non-performing seconds only if the first position note is current. Please contact us with your unique situation.

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Have A Real Estate Note You Are Considering Selling?

Are You Considering Selling Your Note for a Lump Sum of Cash?  We can help!  Click here to contact us for a free estimate of what your note is worth.