For us to make a competitive offer on your 1st position note backed by real estate we will need the following information.


Contact Information

  • Name
  • Primary phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Your position with the property and note (owner, broker)


Property Information

  • Address
  • Current estimated value
  • Type of property (single family, multi family, commercial)
  • Occupancy status (owner occupied, tenant occupied, vacant)
  • Property size and description (# bedrooms, # baths, etc)
  • Property condition


Note Information

  • Original amount financed
  • Down payment
  • Original length of note
  • Monthly payment (P&I)
  • Balloon amount
  • Balloon date
  • Current interest rate
  • Date 1st payment was due
  • Number of payments paid to date
  • Number of payments remaining
  • Next payment due date
  • Current loan balance
  • Payment history
  • Reason for selling the note

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